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Yomi is YOU. it's in you. Maybe it is a bit shy or hidden, but undoubtedly it is present.

 In a time of perplexity and cross-border behavior, Yomi literally rolls between both extremes.

Everyone I've talked through over the years and experienced a Yomi session will undoubtedly remember the "beach" question: "You're on the beach and someone from the group wants to push you in the water. How will you react? A, You try to escape the situation as quickly as possible, or B, you love it and you throw yourself completely into the fight. " An overwhelming majority tend to B, sometimes withe hesitation but often very convincingly. Of course! What is more authentic than a discharging playfight, a physical interaction between two? It is a pity that such moments are so rare. In our digital society, we share almost everything, but we are scared of a pat on the back. We are afraid of touch. A playful interaction between friends confuses us. This tendency will develop directly in proportion to further digitization.

In our online world, where people are less and less in sync with each other, Yomi gives room to pure, powerful and intimate human emotion (Mike)

Yomi offers a safe framework, in which you can physically interact with a supervisor, friend, colleague, child, ... No hidden agenda or unspoken expectation. Playful and with moments quite intense.

Wrestling is perhaps the most used word in texts about mental illness and upbringing. Everyone struggles with something. Yomi brings this unspoken struggle to the surface.

The struggle that is present in each of us challenges us, physically, but also in the head. The senses are put into focus. The proximity of the other leads us through a process of emotions. Impules that we must give a place. Perhaps even a start to reflection or a stretch of the comfort zone. Just as with a verbal conversation, the physical interaction with the other, perhaps at first is a bit stiff, but somewhere along the way you will undoubtedly find a click, a connection. From then on, you will roll freely.

That it can also count in terms of workout/movement training is a pleasant extra. An hour of rolling is physically exhausting and gives you the opportunity to dig deep. Everyone approaches Yomi from his own frame of reference and that is fine. The open frame allows you to take out what you want. Of course Yomi is about body and mind, about borders and gender. Even about resilience and emotion. And so much more. Anyway, Yomi will not leave anyone untouched. It is ingrained in our nature, in the way we are. Yomi is a skill that everyone should master.

Frame of reference Yomi:

:: Playfight (playful interaction - instinct)
:: Grappling (no gi ground fight - ne waza)
:: Grotowski (via negativa)
:: Abramovic (performance art)
:: Body dynamics

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Accelerator for better performance & connections:
:: Top athletes (assessment - resistances - personality - adaptation - ...)
:: Performing artists (dancer, actor, ...)
:: Leading individuals & business owners
:: Contemporary man / woman.

The separate but very natural approach of Yomi, provides a number of useful applications within youth care, education and assistance.

Various issues:
:: Trust issues
:: Social skills
:: Assertiveness & Self-esteem
:: Resilience
:: Burn out / Bore out
:: Anger management
:: Violence problem
:: Victims of sexual violence / abuse - Trauma
:: Impulse control
:: Authority issues
:: Relationship & intimacy (partners mutually - child / parent)

Education & Youth care
:: Set limits, scan and monitor
:: Body awareness
:: Roll patterns
:: Connection between parent and child / supervisor and client
:: Intimacy and physicality